Fixed Income Investment Approach

We build portfolios from the bottom up, security by security

Our proven investment approach to fixed income portfolio management is grounded in the combination of deep fundamental research and risk-controlled portfolio construction.

This enables our portfolio managers to drive performance primarily through security selection while exercising independent portfolio positioning to manage macro risks.

We believe our fixed income platform encourages the seamless exchange of best ideas and practices that enables us to manage prudently through changing economic cycles.

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Facts and figures

Platform highlights

157 team members

Dedicated fixed income investment global team members

Diverse leadership

5 of 8 lead fixed income portfolio managers represent diverse groups

77 distinct offerings

53 composite strategies and 24 funds


Our rankings are evidence of our process


Of representative composite assets are outperforming (gross)

Relative to their corresponding benchmarks over the 5-year period**


Of representative composite assets are outperforming (net)

Relative to their corresponding benchmarks over the 5-year period**


Of our U.S. fixed income mutual funds

Have at least one share class with a 4- or 5-star Overall Morningstar Rating***

Bonds are once again becoming cornerstone of portfolio allocations expected to generate steady, predictable returns over the coming months and years.

George Bory, Chief Investment Strategist – Fixed Income


Driving performance through security selection

Our fully integrated investment process seeks to identify and capture the most attractive risk-adjusted investments for client portfolios.

In this image, there is a diagram of one large circle and 3 smaller circles that create a Venn diagram inside the large one. At points on the large circle, at left is the word “Analyst”, at right, “Portfolio Manager”, and at bottom, “Trader”. The three circles composing the Venn diagram read as follows: Circle at top: “Relative value recommendation”, with bullets underneath that read, Fundamentals, Risks, Sustainability, Valuation. Circle at left reads, “Security attributes”, with bullets underneath that read, Covenants, Liquidity, Maturity, Structure. Circle at right: “Client portfolio strategy”, with bullets underneath that read, Mandate, Risk tolerance, Liquidity.

We offer a wide array of fixed income solutions across the duration term structure and risk spectrum of global bond markets, driven by deep fundamental research from our Global Fixed Income Research team.

Jon Baranko, Chief Investment Officer – Fundamental Investments


Deep fundamental credit research capabilities

Our fixed income platform offers solutions across asset classes and around the world that are supported by deep fundamental credit research capabilities.

  • Large, experienced team of sector specialists
    The team's extensive knowledge of industry nuances enables timely and informed decision-making.
  • Broad, diverse coverage universe
    U.S.- and European-based analysts bring invaluable local knowledge and insight to the process.
  • Relative value focused recommendations grounded in fundamental analysis
    This enables portfolio managers to weigh factors affecting the credit and to seek to add value to portfolios.
  • Focused assessment of sustainable and climate transition risk factors enhances fundamental research
    Risks can stem from these factors, but also from regulation and consumer preference, which can materially affect companies and sectors.
  • Seamless flow of information promotes collaboration
    This ensures securities are thoroughly vetted via multiple viewpoints by leveraging our global scale and footprint.
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