Access new possibilities with tax-advantaged, personalized separately managed accounts—purpose-built to elevate the investor experience. Tax efficiency, customization, cost-effectiveness, multi-asset capabilities, and Allspring's expertise come together in one investment solution.

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SMA benefits

Putting the SMArt in SMAs


Tax management

Customized SMAs provide direct ownership of individual securities, enabling strategies like tax-loss harvesting and tax optimization.



SMA strategies provide flexibility with investment choices and can evolve with changing market conditions and investor wants, needs, and goals.


Seamless transitions

Legacy portfolios can move to tailored solutions in a transparent, risk-aware, and tax-efficient manner.


Multi-asset capabilities

Remi provides multi-asset portfolio solutions, including direct indexing options, municipal bond ladders and multiple accounts per strategy.


Institutional trade execution

Remi leverages an efficient ecosystem to create scale for trading, which can potentially reduce costs for advisors. 


Differentiated client experience

Allspring’s SMA ecosystem combines seasoned investment professionals with dedicated product and specialist teams to elevate the client experience.

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Total managed account assets

Inclusive of assets under advisement.


Largest SMA provider

Among all firms providing managed account offerings. Source: Cerulli Edge, 4Q 2023.


Investment strategies

As of December 31, 2023, unless otherwise noted.

What can Remi unlock for you?

Learn how Remi is designed to help meet the individual needs of each investor while unlocking smart outcomes for all.

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Announcer: Every financial advisor knows that every investor is different. Different passions, different priorities leading to different opportunities. How can you truly tailor portfolios to each client and unlock smart outcomes for all? Meet Remi. Remi is Allspring's intelligence solution for personalizing separately managed account portfolios, powered by technology, research, and human insights. Remi helps you realize more potential for each client with smart outcomes driven by smart features. Smart possibilities. Your clients are unique. We work hand in hand with you to tailor each portfolio's goals and tax preferences. Smart technology. Remi's portfolio construction engine, backed by our fundamental research team, simplifies transitions and tax management to deliver a portfolio personalized for each client. Smart portfolios. Purpose built around investor values, Remi drives more meaningful outcomes by intelligently adapting to reflect the person behind each portfolio. Remi lets you reimagine how you achieve success that's meaningful to each and every client. Tailor-made portfolios. Far-reaching possibilities. Smart outcomes. That's Remi.

Custom proposals

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Investment capabilities

Robust tax management

Access systematic, year-round tax-loss harvesting
Seize opportunities to proactively manage portfolios according to client needs, not just at the end of the year.

Leverage tax-lot-level decision-making
Exercise control over individual tax lots using our powerful and proprietary tax management technology.

Mitigate tax erosion
Access a full range of strategies to help enhance after tax returns through ongoing tax management and tax-loss harvesting.

Hypothetical portfolio returns after 10 years

In this hypothetical example, over 10 years, a client with a $1 million portfolio could increase annualized after-tax returns by 3.54% in total. (After tax, post-liquidation.)*Chart1: The column chart describes the potential impact of taxes on portfolio returns after holding for 10 years. In this hypothetical example, a non-tax-aware column on the left shows a return of 28.35% and a tax-aware column on the right shows a return of 31.89%.  Chart2:The hypothetical chart provides three different portfolio options on a tracking error and tax liability scale. Tax liability is displayed on the x-axis and tracking error is displayed on the y-axis. The first portfolio (option 1) plotted in the chart is a minimum tax liability portfolio which is high on the y-axis and low on the x-axis. The second portfolio (option 2) is a balanced portfolio plotted in the middle of the y-axis and x-axis. The third portfolio (option 3) is a minimum tracking error portfolio plotted on the far right of the x-axis and low on the y-axis.
*This chart and the results shown are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only and do not represent any product managed by Allspring Global Investments. The charts are intended to serve as a general example of a portfolio of municipal bonds with an initial investment of $1,000,000, expected annual total return of 6.7%, expected annual turnover of 30%, coupon rate of 3.8% , short-term tax rate of 40.8% and long-term tax rate of 23.8%. Tax-aware portfolio values and returns reflect the deductions of tax loss. Non-tax aware portfolio values and returns do not reflect the deduction of tax loss.

Personalized customization

Tailor fixed income portfolios
Design bond portfolios according to your own personal preferences including municipal, corporate, and treasury bond ladder options with multiple customization possibilities focused on maturity, yield, credit, sector, ESG, state, and more.

Customize equity exposures
Utilize Remi’s Directing Indexing capabilities to create personalized equity portfolios with individual stock and industry group customization options.

Access Allspring’s active management
Leverage Allspring’s active expertise with Remi’s CoreBuilder series—offering the compelling combination of mutual fund investing with the unique features of a separately managed account.

Simplified transition planning

Streamline the process
Remi helps make the transition process seamless, ensuring legacy portfolios move to customized solutions in a risk-aware, tax-efficient manner—allowing clients to see the impacts of exposure changes in advance.

Create value up front
Pinpoint yield-increasing opportunities, harvest losses strategically to counterbalance taxes, and define duration and credit profiles at the onset.

Emphasize tax efficiency, tracking error, or both
You are in control with Remi. Choose to minimize tax liabilities, the impact of tracking error, or a combination of both. The choice is yours.

The blueprint to a smart transition

Municipal customization options: Maturity, National, Credit, State exclusions, Yield, State specific, Tax-loss harvesting

For illustrative purposes only.

  1. Customizable within each shell.
  2. Customization is limited to strategies with the ability to exclude ratings and/or add minimum or maximum weights.
  3. Limited to national strategies.
  4. State specific targets 50% of total portfolio.

Corporate customization options: Maturity, ESG, Credit, Sector, Yield, Tax-loss harvesting
For illustrative purposes only.

  1. Customizable within each shell.
  2. Customization is limited to strategies with the ability to exclude ratings and/or add minimum or maximum weights.
  3. Companies are categorized into three buckets based on their ESG rating: leaders (AAA–AA: a company leading its industry in managing the most significant ESG risk and opportunities), average (A– BB: a company with a mixed or unexceptional track record of managing the most significant ESG risk and opportunities relative to industry peers), and laggards (B–CCC: a company lagging its industry biased on high exposure and managing the most significant ESG risk and opportunities). There are three ESG preferences currently offered (from strictest to least restrictive): i. A or better (highest emphasis with exclusion of all "laggards") ii. BBB or better (moderate emphasis with exclusion of "laggards") iii. BB or better (exclusion of most egregious "laggards", i.e., those B and below).

Treasury customization options: Maturity, Yield.

For illustrative purposes only.

  1. Customizable within each shell.

Direct indexing customization options: Benchmark, Reduction of risks, Securities, Tax-loss harvesting, Values
For illustrative purposes only.