Sustainable Investing

Our world is transforming rapidly, and with it, market expectations. Our responsibility is to be aware of how ESG risks and sustainability considerations influence investment outcomes today to help our clients succeed.

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Our four pillars

Sustainable investing at Allspring

ESG risk

Develop in-house methodologies and scores to better understand and assess the material ESG risks affecting all asset classes.


Research and integrate climate and water risks within designed decarbonization investment processes for clients.


Innovate ways to understand, assess, report, and help clients drive positive environmental and social outcomes.


Engage with investee companies to improve disclosure and information flow that, in turn, informs and improves investment decision-making.

Elevating investing to be worth more

Our capabilities in action

We aspire for a sustainable future aligned with meeting our clients’ expectations as well as fulfilling our regulatory obligations.

Our goals with clients

  • Understand our clients’ overall goals and objectives, inclusive of their sustainability preferences
  • Recognize that different individuals, organizations, and regions have varying standards, goals, regulations, and abilities to integrate sustainability across portfolios
  • Align our actions to the needs of each client through customized and transparent investment solutions

Our priorities

  • We focus on being both good investors and good stewards of our society and planet
  • Climate and many other sustainability considerations are meaningful investment risk factors and alpha opportunities
  • It is critical that sustainability is embedded and integrated across our investment risk culture

For more information, read our TCFD-aligned report.

We focus on being both good investors and good stewards of our planet. We believe climate risk is a meaningful investment risk factor. As such, we believe it is critical that sustainability is embedded and integrated across our investment and risk culture.

Henrietta Pacquement, CFA, Head of Sustainability & Head of the Global Fixed Income Team

A deep platform to generate sustainability insights

Allspring supports its specialized investment teams with dedicated professionals and resources focused on sustainability.

This image has “Client” at the center, with 4 sections around it and bullets underneath: (Top left) Sustainable investment expertise: Research and development, Investment integration, Stewardship, Product development, Client communications, Analytics and reporting. (Top right) Investment teams: Fundamental Fixed Income, Fundamental Equity, Systematic Edge, Multi-asset solutions. (Bottom left) Technology solutions & data: ESG research and coordination, Qualitative analysis, data sets, & quantitative scoring, Proxy administrator, Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures. (Bottom right) Sustainability governance: Sustainability Council, Proxy Governance Committee, Stewardship & Engagement Forum, Sustainability Risk Briefing, ESG Exclusions Working Group, Climate Change & Water Working Groups.

  • Our Research and Development team seeks to provide differentiated research to distill climate, water, biodiversity, and other sustainability themes into actionable investment ideas.
  • Our Investment Integration team supports investment teams with educational training and process consulting.
  • Our Analytics and Reporting team provides the sustainability metrics portfolio managers require for effective investment management, as well as portfolio-level sustainability characteristics reporting for clients.
  • Our Stewardship team, in partnering with investee companies, aspires to constructively advance the financial, operational, and sustainability performance of those companies in years to come.
  • Our Strategy and Implementation team is an active and collaborative partner in product development, client engagement, and regulatory change.
  • For more information, read Allspring’s approach to ESG and Sustainable Investing.
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