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Equity Market Risks and Opportunities: Four Independent Views

How have risks that equity markets faced during 2022 changed the outlook for different equity categories? Leaders of four Allspring equity teams discuss their views on risks and opportunities in 2023.

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Key takeaways

  • This paper highlights the independent views of market risks and opportunities from four of Allspring’s equity teams.
  • In value equities, the Special Global Equity team believes that fundamentals are reasserting their role in driving return dispersion, presenting opportunities for selection.
  • In growth equities, the Discovery Growth Equity team believes that companies with secular earnings drivers can grow through a downturn.
  • In emerging markets, the Total Emerging Markets Equity team believes that unique dynamics among various emerging economies present attractive diversification benefits.
  • The Systematic Edge Equity team believes that liquid alternative strategies can seek attractive returns with low exposure to factors that drive traditional equity categories.
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