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PM Spotlight: For the Love of the Journey

Manju Boraiah, senior portfolio manager and head of Systematic Edge Fixed Income and custom SMA Investments, has carved a unique path for his career—guided by his two passions, art and math.

Headshot of Portfolio Manager Manju Boraiah


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Fixed Income

Key takeaways

  • Manju Boraiah is a senior portfolio manager and head of Allspring’s Systematic Edge Fixed Income and Custom SMA Investments team.
  • His philosophy of life—to love the journey—has served him well, from working in Stanford University research labs to building a transformative platform for SMAs.
  • Manju’s approach to building investment models and platforms includes an iterative process of “predict-decide-learn,” to continually enhance products.
  • Remi (Allspring’s customized investment platform for SMAs) is a case in point—it launched with a strategy merging systematic and fundamental views for municipal bonds.
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