Emerging Markets: Keeping the Faith

In this episode, Alison Shimada, head of the Total Emerging Markets Equity team at Allspring, and Joseph Dore, head of International Consultant Relations, discuss the strategic case for investing in emerging market equities.

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Key takeaways

  • Alison Shimada, head of Allspring's Total Emerging Markets Equity team, talks about why she thinks emerging market equities look well valued and underpriced compared with U.S. equities.
  • Alison discusses when looking to move into emerging markets, active management and stock selection based on local market knowledge, sentiment, and macro factors are key.
  • If the Fed eases this year, emerging market currencies will likely fare better than the U.S.—a scenario where emerging market country stock markets may likely also do well.
  • Looking ahead, Joe and Alison cover some anticipated opportunities and potential risks for emerging markets in 2024.