Megatrends: The Great Wealth Transfer

Megatrends can change economies and societies but what happens when the trend involves the transfer of $84 trillion in wealth? Manju Boraiah discusses how tax management should be in the forefront of investors’ minds.

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Tax Management

Key takeaways

  • Wealth transfer is the next big frontier in our industry due to rising wealth, changing demographics, technology advancements, and globalization of wealth itself.
  • With illiquid assets in motion, such as real estate and pension entitlements, complex financial planning and wealth restructuring will become more critical for investors.
  • Separately managed accounts can offer customizations based on investor risk tolerance, investment time horizons, and tax objectives, adding transparency to complex wealth transfers.

This episode features a conversation between Manju Boraiah, head of Systematic Fixed Income and Custom SMA (separately managed accounts) at Allspring, and Sean Burke, head of the Remi Specialist Group, on the topic of megatrends and, specifically, the megatrend of the massive generational wealth transfer over the next two decades.