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What Does NVIDIA Have to Do With Sustainability?

A large gap exists in meeting the 2030 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That includes addressing urgent issues such as protecting biodiversity and increasing energy efficiency.

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Sustainable Investing

Key takeaways

  • While companies often claim to have aligned their activities to various SDGs, little evidence exists on their contribution to progress toward the SDGs.
  • Our new framework, SDG Lens, helps assess the impact of a company’s actions on the SDGs—helping, helping a lot, hindering, hindering a lot, or neutral.
  • Allspring’s sustainability experts and investment professionals use SDG Lens to help inform investment decisions.
  • SDG Lens incorporates data across companies’ products and services, their operations, and their supply chains.
  • NVIDIA, a key player in the semiconductor industry, provides a good study on how we use SDG Lens. According to SDG Lens, NVIDIA is helping progress on several SDGs.
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