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Alternative investments may yield positive returns while minimizing reliance on traditional markets. With decades of experience managing liquid alternative strategies, Allspring’s culture of ongoing refinement and transparent investment processes may help clients grow, protect, or generate income from their assets. 

Systematic Edge: Liquid alternatives
Our Systematic Edge team’s core philosophy centers on award-winning  research, which has been honed and intricately applied to client portfolios over the past three decades.
Our liquid alternative strategies seek to provide investors with three distinct outcomes:

  1. Diversification: Provide a payoff uncorrelated to traditional asset classes. We use multi-asset to equity only, market neutral to directional, using long/short and alternative risk premia approaches.
  2. Protection: Provide a payoff when needed using innovative trend, options, and futures-based strategies providing a range of cost-effective crisis or hedging solutions varying in reactivity and consistency to meet the desired outcome.
  3. Income: We use time-tested option-based strategies designed to provide varying degrees of income while preserving upside potential.
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