Closed-End Fund Strategies Team

The team aims to identify and invest in compelling opportunities by exploiting the abundant inefficiencies in the closed-end fund market. 

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Competitive advantages


Unique source of alpha generation

The team capitalizes on market inefficiencies and discounts driven by fear and greed.

Next Steps

Repeatable investment process

A proprietary quantitative model enhanced by experience and sound judgment allows the team to exploit volatile discounts.

Savings Two

“Deep discount” investing

The team’s model is built to capitalize on the tendency of CEF shares to trade at discounts to NAV following an IPO, so they’re paying 85¢ for $1.00 of assets.


Reactive—not predictive—investing

Eliminating dependence on forecasting and pro-forma estimates.


Structural advantages

The team invests through the market cycle, creating a stable pool of assets under management.

Low Volatility

Sell discipline

The sell signal is clearly defined and driven by discounts; the team sells near or above parity to NAV.

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