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The team's active approach to systematic factor-based investing is founded upon decades of quantitative research. Dynamic alpha models are combined with multi-dimensional risk management and unique portfolio construction techniques to enhance client returns.

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Systematic Edge Equity team: combining quantitative and fundamental investing to deliver innovative, client-centric solutions

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John Campbell: We believe our competitive advantage is our quantamental approach, which leverages the best aspects of quantitative tools with fundamental insights. Quantitative models cast a wide net to identify potential buy and sell candidates while our fundamental insights help us manage risk and incorporate information that's difficult to quantify. By evaluating investment ideas through these complementary lenses, we benefit from the strengths of both approaches. Quantitative research is the foundation for everything we do at Systematic Edge. Our goal and passion are to put our best ideas and thinking into our stock selection models. One of our strengths is our portfolio managers are 100% engaged in all aspects of the research process. And this leads to two distinct advantages: one, we combine empirical research with real life application, and two, myself and our portfolio management team have an intimate knowledge of how our models work and how they react in different conditions. As systematic investors, we have a deep understanding about the strengths and weaknesses of our alpha and risk models. And our qualitative insights feed into the design of our model, improve our risk management, and help us navigate changing market environments. When it comes to risk management. We take a multidimensional approach. We use multiple risk models to evaluate risk from a style and macroeconomic perspective. Additionally, we incorporate portfolio manager insights to evaluate emerging risks and risks that are not easily modeled, such as legal or regulatory risks. We then bring it all together in our portfolio construction. The Systematic Edge team manages a wide array of strategies, including index replication, low tracking error strategies, alpha-seeking focused strategies, and tax-aware optimized strategies. We have an excellent long-term track record of delivering results for our clients. We do this by maintaining a disciplined approach and evolving it over time. We continuously make incremental improvements to our models and our process. Markets evolve, our understanding of markets evolve, and our process evolves to remain relevant and deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. So, how do I summarize our value proposition? Our systematic edge is: one, our quantitative research, which is constantly evolving; two, using this research as a foundation, we then apply unique insights into portfolio construction; and three, we deliver innovative product and client-centric solutions.

Competitive advantages


Active approach

The team’s active approach to systematic factor-based investing aims to generate alpha for their clients superior to passive approaches.


Cutting edge but transparent portfolios

Clients benefit from the latest cutting-edge techniques with full transparency into the drivers of risk and return in their portfolios.

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Continuous innovation

While founded on decades of research, continuous innovation is core to the team’s fundamental beliefs.

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