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As of December 31, 2023. Figures include discretionary and non-discretionary assets.
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We believe risk is the possibility of not achieving client objectives, which underpins our investment philosophy.

The needs of our clients center on three core objectives: growing wealth, preserving value, and generating income. To help achieve these objectives, we developed a research-based, risk-balanced framework to portfolio construction that pursues diversified alpha sourced from top-down tactical asset allocation and bottom-up security selection. Moreover, our proprietary downside risk management tools help manage volatility and reduce the impact of severe market drawdowns.

Systematic Edge: Multi-Asset

Unconstrained by asset classes, our Multi-Asset team explores problems through a 360-degree perspective before designing client-centric solutions that aim to be resilient to the fluctuations of economic cycles. Through skillful portfolio design, attentive dynamic allocation, and active management, we can also deliver tailored products and solutions for institutional investors that strive to realize long-term investment outcomes.

We believe in elevating our research and applying this research with specialized insights, leading to continuous innovation. This unified research process drives a consistent approach, ensuring that solutions are relevant and consistent.

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