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The team is underpinned by a consistent investment philosophy and process, which combines its strong heritage in quantitative investing with skillful portfolio design, dynamic allocation, and tactical tilts to achieve client objectives.

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Systematic Edge Investment Solutions team: Combining client goals and constraints into investable portfolios


Jonathan Hobbs: For the Investment Solutions team, our main goal is to deliver outcome alpha, or more simply, to deliver performance that's at or above our clients' desired outcome. To do so, we must first undertake a discovery process with our clients, ensuring we have a deep understanding of their goals, as well as constraints. We then translate those parameters into an investable portfolio, marrying design and portfolio management to greatly increase our probability of success. We employ a robust, yet flexible investment process that balances macroeconomic risks for smoother returns across the cycle. Ultimately, we implement our portfolio through sophisticated construction with best-in-class components, tactical asset allocation, and downside risk management. By using this process, we have established a history of delivering the outcome alpha that we seek for our clients.

Competitive advantages

Advanced portfolio construction

The team uses proprietary risk-based portfolio construction techniques that are transparent, diversified, efficient, and robust.

Tactical asset allocation (TAA)

The team is one of the longest-tenured global TAA managers, with a proven track record of adding value for clients since 1980.

Downside risk management

Innovative risk management strategies since 2015 have helped preserve capital while considering cost, consistency, and reactivity.

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