Automated Phone System

Using the automated phone system

The automated phone system uses voice recognition to retrieve quotes and to access account information. The phone number is 1-800-368-7550. The automated phone system offers access to fund quotes, account balance and history, historical returns and yields, and more.


What information do I need to register for the phone system?

You will need the last six digits of your Social Security number (SSN), your date of birth, and an account number.

What are the requirements for my PIN?

Your PIN can be any number between four and eight digits, with the exception of the last six digits of your SSN.

What voice commands can I use from the main menu?

What if the phone system doesn’t understand what I am saying?

If the system has difficulty understanding what you are saying, it may ask you to repeat a phrase. If it continues to have difficulty, it will connect you with a representative.

Can I provide information using my phone keypad instead of a voice command?

Yes, you can speak or use your touch-tone phone to enter your SSN, PIN, account number, price, or quantity.

Can I get a fund quote using my telephone keypad?

Yes, once you are logged in, you can enter the fund number on your keypad from the main menu. After hearing the quote, enter the next fund number to get another quote.

What if I need more information or want to speak with a representative?

If you need an in-depth explanation for the telephone system section you are in, say "help." If you need to speak with a representative at any time, you can say "representative."

What is the automated system phone number?

The phone number is 1-800-368-7550.

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