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About eDocuments

Why sign up for eDocuments?

eDocuments give you immediate email notifications when a new statement, prospectus, annual report, or semi-annual report becomes available for your account. Other benefits include:

  • You reduce the amount of paper coming to your mailbox.
  • You eliminate the risk of having your paper mail stolen.
  • Your statements and regulatory documents are easily accessible and organized.
  • You can select which documents you wish to receive electronically—statements, regulatory documents, or both.

How do I enroll in eDocuments or modify my preferences?

To sign up or make changes, log in to Online Account Access and select "Account Profile". Please allow four to six weeks for electronic delivery of all regulatory documents.

What if I’ve registered for eDocuments and used an incorrect email address, or the emails are not reaching me?

If we cannot verify your email address within 24 hours of enrollment, we will cancel your eDocuments enrollment and notify you by mail. To ensure successful delivery of your eDocuments notifications, please add to your email address book.

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