Open a New Account

Shareholders who have an account directly with Allspring or with a financial advisor may open a new account using the applications below.

Account Type Form(s) and Agreements Needed
Individual retirement account (IRA) IRA Application (PDF) and IRA Disclosure and Custodial Agreement (PDF)
Nonretirement account for individuals, joint tenants, UGMA/UTMA, or guardianship New Account Application—Individuals (PDF)
Nonretirement account for a trust, partnership, corporation, estate, or other entity New Account Application—Corporate (PDF)
Education savings account Coverdell Education Savings Account Application (PDF) and Coverdell ESA Custodial Agreement and Disclosures (PDF)

Please print, complete, and mail your application to one of the following addresses:


Allspring Funds
P.O. Box 219967
Kansas City, MO 64121-9967


Allspring Funds
430 W. 7th Street, STE 219967
Kansas City, MO 64105-1407

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