Transact on Your Account

Understand the various transaction options on your account

How do I add money to my account?

You may add money to your account in several ways:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Call us at 1-800-222-8222 if your account has the purchase option set up.
  • Complete the investment form found on the bottom of your statements, and mail in the form and check.
  • Send a wire. Note that your wire purchase must be received by our bank by 3:00 p.m. C.T. to receive that day's closing price. Please set up the wire using the following information:
    • Bank name and location: State Street Bank and Trust Company, Boston, MA
    • ABA routing number: 011000028
    • For credit to: Allspring Funds
    • Bank account number: 9905-437-1
    • In your wire instructions, please state: “This is for further credit to , and account number.”

How do I take money out of my account?

For regular taxable accounts, you may redeem from your account by:

  • Logging in to your account
  • Calling us at 1-800-222-8222 – if you have the redemption option set up on your account. If your bank information is on file, we may be able to transfer the money directly to a bank account by electronic funds transfer or by federal wire.

To redeem for other types of accounts including retirement accounts, please select the appropriate form:

If the type of account you hold with us is not listed, please call us.

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