Floating vs Stable Nav Calculator

This calculator helps investors understand how the yield and net asset value (NAV) movement of floating NAV money funds vs. stable NAV money funds could impact returns.

Begin with your criteria


    Step 1

    Input the investment amount

    Investment Amount

    Step 2

    Set the yields and NAVs

    Stable NAV Money Market

    Floating NAV Money Market

    Step 3

    Select an allocation



    Compare the total returns

    The hypothetical calculation shows the total return of floating NAV money funds as compared to stable NAV money funds.

    Comparison of hypothetical allocations based on initial investment of $ 10,000,000

    Investment Type NAV Movement ($) Income ($) Total Return ($)
    Stable NAV money market 0 43,241 43,241
    Floating NAV money market 0 45,304 45,304
    Mix of stable and floating NAV - - -
    Source: Allspring Global Investments

    Number of days to break even

    - Days for a floating NAV to return to initial investment

    - Days for a floating NAV to match the total return of a stable NAV investment

    - Days for the allocation of floating and stable NAV to return to initial investment

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    The Floating vs. Stable NAV Calculator is intended to serve as an educational tool and is for illustrative purposes only. The results are not guaranteed to be accurate and should not be relied upon or deemed as investment and/or tax advice. Your circumstances are unique, may change over time and may need to be adjusted. You should consult with a qualified professional to discuss your individual situation and determine how often you should reassess your situation. No record of this calculation or its results will be maintained.