Investment themes

We find ourselves in a new regime of higher rates, higher inflation, and greater market volatility. Adding to these challenges, central banks don’t appear to be coming to the rescue to fight off recession. Given the game change, this environment requires a different investment playbook from what investors are used to. Read more on the themes we see playing out this year and how we are navigating markets and positioning our portfolios.

Riding the curve

At Allspring, we want to help clients understand where we are on the curve, appropriate positioning, and how to manage risk to navigate the best path forward. 

Isolating Income

Currently, pure income is most generous at the front end of the yield curve, incentivizing investors to migrate toward front-end strategies. George Bory and Henri Proutt explain.

Today’s Trends in the High Yield Municipal Market

Terry Goode and David Farace discuss themes in the high yield municipal market and how to navigate the risks and opportunities in this space.

Getting ahead of recovery

Market returns can develop in short time periods. What are the catalysts for recovery, and what kinds of strategies are poised to benefit in this environment?

Outlook for Equities: Growth Stocks Are “Coiled Springs”

High inflation and interest rates brought significant pain to growth equities in 2022. Today, their de-rated valuations and resilient earnings fundamentals are presenting an attractive opportunity to patient investors.

Paving a Long Runway for U.S. Growth Equities

Higher rates punished U.S. growth stocks in 2022. Today, improved valuations down market cap, market breadth, and opportunities for stock selection offer an attractive entry point for new allocations.

Rebalancing portfolios in sideways markets

Where are we in the cycle, and what can we learn from historical periods? We want to help clients tackle uncertainty and make changes in their portfolios to provide elevated opportunities.

Crisis Management: Investment Analytics Update

The Investment Analytics team provides ongoing analytics and investment risk oversight for client portfolios. This note discusses the team’s rapid response to the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. 

Crunch Time

In this monthly series, we take a quick, comprehensive look at current macroeconomic themes that matter to clients. 

Sustainable investing

At Allspring, we believe our role is to meet our clients where they are in their sustainability journey and to facilitate that journey going forward.

Sustainable Investing Capabilities

Sustainable investing is both a core capability and part of Allspring's investment fabric. We seek to facilitate innovations with positive social and environmental outcomes beyond financial gains alone.

Climate Transition: Burning Questions for Credit Strategies

Transitioning the global economy to net-zero emissions presents a significant challenge, but it also offers an opportunity for fixed income investors—in energy, utilities, and beyond.