Systematic Edge - Multi-Asset Solutions Team

Team Location

  • London, England
  • San Francisco, CA, USA

Portfolio Management Team

Team philosophy

Our experts in the Systematic Edge - Multi-Asset Solutions team work closely to build investment strategies and custom portfolio solutions to help address client challenges. Unconstrained by asset classes, the team takes a 360-degree approach to exploring problems and designing solutions. We work with clients to create solutions that strive to be resilient to the fluctuations of economic cycles and with a balanced exposure to growth, inflation, and interest rates. We understand that the needs of our clients center on three core needs: growing wealth, protecting wealth, and generating income. Through skillful portfolio design, attentive dynamic allocation and the skill of active management, we can also design and build products and custom solutions for institutional investors that strive to achieve the outcomes that matter most.

Our process, your team

Investors often require a solution that is beyond a specific asset class. Rather, they often seek a more holistic approach to addressing investment outcomes with specific risk, return, and portfolio construction approaches.

From multi-asset strategies, such as balanced or target date, to devising a custom outcome-oriented portfolio for institutional investors, our team brings a breadth and depth of resources to bear for you:

  • A robust range of multi-asset investment approaches, including absolute return, total return, income, target date, balanced, and risk hedging
  • Diverse perspectives to pursue innovative, effective, and targeted solutions
  • Dynamic portfolio analytics incorporating macroeconomic inputs
  • Ongoing research and evidence-based testing
  • Specialized investment teams spanning passive, factor-based, and active disciplines

For more customized portfolio solutions for institutional investors, we can partner with you to:

  • Fully understand your situation and needs
  • Explore and define the specific challenges you face and paint a picture of how they influence your investment objectives
  • Build customized asset allocation solutions that meet your needs or draw on all of our investment acumen to develop comprehensive portfolio solutions tailored to your needs and desired outcomes
  • Provide you with a path to implementation
  • Communicate continually, so you fully understand and contribute to each step of the process

To learn more about our multi-asset investments, explore one of our individual strategies or contact us for a more comprehensive portfolio analysis.

Quick facts

  • Focuses on creating solutions that seek to increase wealth, protect wealth, and generate income from wealth
  • Incorporates specific investment views through tactical asset allocation strategies
  • Has portfolio construction and risk management processes that are:
    • Transparent
    • Diversified
    • Efficient
    • Robust