Still T-bill and Chill?

Jeff Weaver, CFA, head of Allspring’s Global Liquidity Solutions team, and George Bory, CFA, chief investment strategist for Allspring Fixed Income, discuss recent Fed (U.S. Federal Reserve) activity, new money fund liquidity requirements, and allocating investments at the front end of the curve.

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Fixed Income

Key takeaways

  • George Bory and Jeff Weaver talk about cash investing at the front end of the yield curve amidst current conditions and why some modest duration extension may be attractive.
  • Jeff Weaver believes the Fed will stay the course to cut rates in order to achieve their desired 2% inflation goal as long as inflation continues to trend lower despite some stickiness.
  • New money fund liquidity requirements took effect, overall continuing to help ensure money funds have safety measures for cash investors to earn competitive returns.
  • In an election year, “cash guy” Weaver still supportive of the asset class but says it’s prudent for investors to avoid overconcentration in any one sector.