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Our active and factor-based fixed income strategies offer a broad range of investment styles to help meet your needs

When it comes to fixed income solutions for your portfolio, we can help you pursue a range of objectives—including yield, diversification, asset protection, income generation, targeted hedges, and liability-driven investing solutions.

Our team of experts can help investors make informed decisions in their efforts to capitalize on market opportunities. We can deliver strategies that span nearly all durations and debt structures across the global bond markets, driven by a team that offers extensive research capabilities and comprehensive risk management. We also work with institutional separate account investors to provide customized investment strategies.

Fundamental Fixed Income: 

At Allspring, we offer a wide array of products across the duration term structure and risk spectrum of the global bond market. Our teams ground investment decisions in deep fundamental research, supported by our Global Fixed Income Research, Investment & Risk Analytics, and Sustainability teams. We give fundamental fixed income portfolio managers the freedom to make independent decisions for portfolios while encouraging the seamless exchange of best ideas and practices.

Systematic Edge – Fixed Income:

At Allspring, our Systematic Edge Fixed Income and Custom separately managed account (SMA) team believes in a disciplined, process-driven approach to investing. Fixed income markets have undergone a transformation through advances in data availability and technology, providing new tools for investors to capture investment opportunities. A factor-based systematic process provides a robust framework to deliver customized solutions for investors targeting specific outcomes. As the architects of Remi, Allspring's multi-asset, technology-enabled retail SMA platform, we believe in the power of customization, systematic implementation, tax management, and delivering investment solutions typically reserved for institutional investors to a broader audience.

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