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Treasury Ladder (0–1 Year) SMA

Bloomberg U.S. Short Treasury Index
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Systematic Edge – Fixed Income and Custom SMA Team
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Data as of 12/31/2023
SMA overview
A systematic process of predict-decide-learn
The Treasury Ladder (0–1 Year) SMA aims to provide stable, risk-free income and limited volatility of principal by investing in a portfolio of U.S. Treasury bills/notes/bonds with laddered maturities between 0 and 1 year.

Opportunities can be captured through a disciplined, quantitative, model-driven approach to investing.

Key differentiators

  • Uses a systematic approach to deliver a diversified portfolio targeting specific objectives, including tax-management options
  • Provides ongoing monitoring of portfolio holdings on a daily basis to ensure the portfolio’s characteristics remain in target ranges

General facts

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Average annual returns

(as of 12/31/2023)
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Bloomberg U.S. Short Treasury Index

One-month, three-month and year-to-date returns are not annualized.

Performance is historical and does not guarantee future results. For more information, please refer to the GIPS composite report found in the documents section.

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Calendar year

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Performance and volatility metrics

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Portfolio statistics

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Credit quality

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Portfolio composition

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Bond values fluctuate in response to the financial condition of individual issuers, general market and economic conditions, and changes in interest rates. Changes in market conditions and government policies may lead to periods of heightened volatility in the bond market and reduced liquidity for certain bonds held by the fund. In general, when interest rates rise, bond values fall and investors may lose principal value. Interest rate changes and their impact on the fund and its share price can be sudden and unpredictable. The use of derivatives may reduce returns and/or increase volatility. Certain investment strategies tend to increase the total risk of an investment (relative to the broader market). This strategy is exposed to high-yield securities risk and municipal securities risk. A portion of the strategy’s income may be subject to federal, state, and/or local income taxes or the alternative minimum tax. Any capital gains distributions may be taxable. Bond laddering does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Allspring Managed Account Services (the firm) is a unit within Allspring Global Investments and is responsible for the management and administration of the Allspring Funds Management, LLC, retail separately managed account portfolios (wrap portfolios). Allspring Funds Management acts as a discretionary manager for separately managed accounts ("SMA") and as a non-discretionary model provider in a variety of managed account or wrap fee programs (“MA Programs”) sponsored by third party investment advisers, broker-dealers, or other financial services firms (a “Sponsor”). When acting as non-discretionary model provider, Allspring Funds Management responsibility is limited to providing non-discretionary investment recommendations (in the form of model portfolios) to the Sponsor. The Sponsor may use these recommendations in connection with its management of MA Program accounts. In these “model-based” programs, the Sponsor serves as the investment manager and maintains trade implementation responsibility.