Fixed income

Passive Fixed Income Strategies

The strategies seek to replicate the total return of their respective indexes. They principally invest in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities designed to replicate the performance and risk characteristics of the index each is managed to. They systematically combine risk models, trading cost projections and other inputs to optimize an investable bond portfolio, targeting a low tracking error to each benchmark.

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Competitive advantages

The Remi engine

The team’s systematic investment engine, Remi, supports multi-asset, customized, tax-managed solutions and portfolio optimization.

Systematic implementation

A factor-based systematic process provides a robust framework to deliver customized solutions for clients targeting specific outcomes.

Risk management

The team’s independent risk management provides a consistent, unbiased framework for evaluating risks and exposures within a portfolio.

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The team philosophy is to leverage a continuous and repeatable process of predict-decide-learn to deliver differentiated investment solutions to clients.

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