Client Mailings FAQ


Why did I receive a letter?

If you recently received a letter from us and would like more information, please review the common questions and answers below.

I received a letter saying that my eDocuments delivery was not successful. What does this mean?

If you received a letter indicating that we were unsuccessful in sending your eDocument notifications by email, it may be that your email service provider is blocking these emails. To ensure successful delivery of these notifications, please add the following email address to your address book:

I received a letter indicating that there has not been activity on my account recently and that my money may be escheated. What does this mean? 

If you have not accessed your account in several years, state laws may deem your account to be inactive. Once an account is inactive, it is considered by your state to be abandoned property and we are required to turn over (escheat) your money to the state in which you reside. In most states, an account is considered to be abandoned when there is no shareholder-initiated contact for three to five years. Additional information is available on our Account Inactivity page.

I received a letter indicating that due to an address change notification from the U.S. Postal Service, my new address needs to be verified. Why is that, if the letter reached me at my correct address? 

The U.S. Postal Service notified us that the address we have on record may no longer be valid. To verify or update your address of record, please complete and mail the form provided, or call us.

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