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Allspring’s Systematic Edge team is a quantitative, research-centric investment capability that meets client needs by delivering innovative products and bespoke solutions across alpha, target outcome, and liquid alternative strategies.

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Giving clients a systematic edge for better outcomes

Founded on research

Research is at the core of our investment insights and is holistically integrated across the platform.

Specialized insight

We deliver specialized insight into portfolio construction techniques and diversified philosophies to help provide targeted outcomes.

Continuous innovation

Striving to deliver the best outcomes to clients fosters a culture of continuous evolution.

Deliver outcomes

Outcome-based capabilities center on investor needs

Collectively, the Systematic Edge team delivers innovative solutions across three outcomes—alpha, target outcome, and liquid alternatives. We leverage these capabilities to offer innovative products and tailored investment strategies to meet specific investor outcomes.


We aim to deliver alpha across all market environments through a variety of different benchmark-relative strategies, such as Disciplined Equity and Index Asset Allocation.  


We pursue compelling performance through exposure to a particular investment theme or outcome, including income, low volatility, inflation sensitive, and climate transition.


We seek diversification or protection in the form of liquid alternatives through an array of strategies, including Alternative Risk Premia, Long/Short Equity, and options and futures-based hedging. 

Collectively, the Systematic Edge team delivers innovative solutions across three high-level categories—alpha, target outcome, and liquid alternatives. Each capability offers tailored investment strategies to meet specific investor outcomes.

Table with 3 rows. Row 1) Capability provided: Alpha. Objective: Benchmark relative. Investible examples: Disciplined Equity, Focused Core Equity; Multi-Asset: Spectrum, Index Asset Allocation. Row 2) Capability provided: Outcomes. Objective: Defensive. Investible example: Low Volatility Equity. Obective: Inflation. Investible example: Real Return, Equity portfolios. Objective: Income. Investible examples:  Equity portfolios, Equity Income, Multi-Asset Income, Option-based income. Objective: Climate. Investible examples: 2 Degree Global Equity. Row 3) Capability provided: Alternatives. Objective: Diversification. Investible examples: Alternative Risk Premia, Long/Short Equity, Market Neutral. Objective: Protection.  Investible examples: Trend, Options and Futures-based downside risk hedging. Text alongside full right column: Bespoke solutions to target specific needs.

Capabilities spotlight

Global Equity Enhanced Income


  • Two components (equity + options) are dynamically managed to balance the trade-off between income and capital growth.
  • The investment process blends quantitative tools and fundamental analysis, resulting in a well-diversified/balanced high-yielding equity portfolio.
  • Actively managed options use proprietary models to enhance income while preserving potential upside.


  • It delivers enhanced income and long-term capital growth, targeting high consistent yield (6% p.a. since inception).
  • It combines a high-yielding equity portfolio and actively managed options overlay to meet objectives.
  • Balanced exposures explicitly seek to avoid style biases and structural underweights common in equity income strategies in order to mitigate style swings while capturing growth opportunities.

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Elevating client solutions through integrated research and portfolio construction


The Systematic Edge team employs an integrated process whereby portfolio managers both conduct and implement research to facilitate continuous innovation across asset classes.


The Systematic Edge – Equity team's active approach to systematic factor-based investing is founded upon decades of quantitative research. Dynamic alpha models are combined with multi-dimensional risk management and unique portfolio construction to enhance client returns. Meet The Team

Fixed income

The Systematic Edge – Fixed Income and Custom SMA team leverages a factor-based, systematic process to deliver customized solutions for investors targeting specific outcomes. Meet The Team


The Systematic Edge – Multi-Asset team is underpinned by a consistent investment philosophy and process that combine its strong heritage in quantitative investing with skillful portfolio design, dynamic allocation, and tactical tilts to achieve client objectives. Meet The Team


The Systematic Edge – Options team believes that options-based strategies offer a number of positive attributes not always found in alternative investments. Meet The Team

Investment solutions

The Systematic Edge – Investment Solutions team is committed to delivering exceptional, customized investment solutions. The team concentrates on achieving client objectives and exceeding desired outcomes, or “outcome alpha”. Meet The Team

Research-driven insights combined with decades of experience managing portfolios help the team pursue alpha that investors can depend on.”  

Dan Morris, Chief Investment Officer, Systematic Investments

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A history of award-winning research

Header: Peer reviewed published research by year. *= Received a Graham and Dodd Award. **Received a Bernstein Fabozzi/Jacobs Levy Award. 2000: Theory of Methodology of Tactical Asset Allocation. 2002: *Portfolio Constraints and the Fundamental Law of Active Management. 2005: **A factor Approach to Asset Allocation. 2006: *Fundamental Law of Active Management. 2006: Fundamental of Efficient Factor Investing. 2009: Investing Separately in Alpha and Beta. 2009: ** The Black-Litterman Model for Active Portfolio Management. 2010: Know your VMS Exposure. 2011: **Minimum Variance Portfolio Composition. 2011: **Risk Based Asset Allocation: A new Answer to an Old Question? 2013: Fundamentals of Future and Options. 2015: **Risk On/Risk Off. 2017: From Risk Premia to Smart Betas: A Unified Framework. 2019: The Alpha, Beta and Sigma of ESG: Better Beta, Additional Alpha? 2020: Risk Management and Optimal Combination of Equity Market. 2020: Analysis of Active Portfolio Management. 2021: Macroeconomics and the Value Premium. 2021: Climate Change and Asset Allocation. 2022: When to Diversify Differently. 2022: Climate Aware Risk Budgeting. 2022: Trending Fast and Slow. Disclosures: For illustrative purposes only. Allspring does not create research for external distribution. All research papers are published by third parties and authored by Allspring employees. Ratings and awards demonstrate the capabilities of our employees and are not a guarantee of future performance at Allspring. They should not be relied upon when making an investment decision.

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